Worship and Organisations

St Michael’s 12.00 noon Family Eucharist (11.15 June-August)
Morning Prayer 2nd Sunday, Family Service 4th Sunday
Sunday School 10.45-11.45

St Patrick’s 10.30 am, Parish Eucharist (10.00 June-August)
Morning Prayer 1st Sunday, Family Service 3rd Sunday
Sunday School 10.15-11.10

Evening services as announced

Boys Brigade – Junior Section (P5-P7) 7.00-8.15

8.00 – Mothers Union (2nd Tuesday of the month, alternating between the two parish halls)

10.30 – The Eucharist & Prayers for the Sick (St Michael’s)
10.00 – Patchwork Class
7.30-9.00 – Choir Practice (alternating between the two churces)
Young Farmers Club (Alternate Weeks)

Boys Brigade – Anchor Boys (P1-P4) 7.00-8.15
BB Company Section (Secondary School) 8.00-10.00
GFS (Donaghmore Parish Hall):
6.30-7.45, 3-11 years; 7.45-9.00, 11 years ad over



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