This Week’s Announcements

 Announcements –  8 July 2018


For Prayer: Parish Our rector; the Sunday School in St Patrick’s, the children and teachers. Diocese: Archbishop Richard, Lisnadill and Kildarton, Revd Grace Clunie (Priest-in-charge), Jennifer Pilow (reader); Anglican Communion:  The Church of Pakistan (United), the Most Revd Humphrey Peters


Today                     Trinity 6 (Green) 

10.00 – Parish Eucharist & Holy Baptism (St Patrick’s)

11.15 – Matins (St Michael’s)

7.30 – Evensong & Parade Service (St Patrick’s)


Wed 11th                  No 10.30 Service – resumes Wed 15th August


Sun 15th                  Trinity 7 (Green) 

10.00 – Matins (St Patrick’s)                     11.15 – Matins (St Michael’s)


Sun 22nd                 Trinity 8 (Green) 

10.00 – Matins (St Patrick’s)                     11.15 – Matins (St Michael’s)


Sun 29th                  Trinity 9 (Green) 

10.00 – Matins (St Patrick’s)                     11.15 – Matins (St Michael’s)


Sun 5th AUG           Trinity 10 (Green) 

10.00 – Matins (St Patrick’s)                     11.15 – Matins (St Michael’s)


Parish & Community Notes


Clothing Bank – the clothing bank in the Car Park at the Parish Hall raises funds for the Church and the Boys Brigade – thank you to all who support it, please continue to help with this vital piece of fund raising.


Generous Giving – all that we have in this life is a gift from God. How can we be generous to God in return? Four suggestions are (1) to consider our financial giving – a recent survey of 10 Church of Ireland parishes showed that the average giving, per adult, was less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week. Can you give just 10% more? If you give £2 per week, can you give £2.20? (2) consider giving yourself in prayer and worship – if you pray for 10 minutes a day, can you increase it to 15? If you worship once a month, can you commit to twice? If it’s already twice can you commit to three times? (3) to consider giving of your time – are there organisations in church who you could volunteer to help in? (4) to give your seat! New people in church find it hard to sit at the front. If everyone moved forward one seat a year, it would leave a whole pew free for new members!!




 Facebook – St Michael’s Castlecaulfield & St Patrick’s Donaghmore
Weekly bulletin –
Rector – Revd Dr Peter Thompson 87761214


2 thoughts on “This Week’s Announcements

  1. I am from St. Michael and All Angels Anglican Church in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. This year on our ‘special’ day in September, we are posting a bulletin board of other Anglican churches of the same name. Having lived in Ireland for a number of years, I am searching for a specific St. Michael and All Angels Anglican church that we can add to our
    prayer list.
    So I ask, is this your full name? If not would you let me know of one that I can google or contact.
    Thank you.

    Karen Dougan

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